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Medicare Advantage Plans

A Closer Look At Medicare Advantage Plans

Every individual with an Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage plan is entitled to Medicare benefits. The government pays for Medicare benefits for people with the Original Medicare. On the other hand, Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO Plans are offered by private institutions approved by Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans can be used for all expenses related to hospital insurance (part A) and medical insurance (part B). That said, here are some facts to know about Medicare Advantage plans.

Things to know about Medicare Advantage plans


To benefit from this plan, there are clear rules on who can be Medicare Advantage Planscovered and who it can not. TheĀ first thing you need to be eligible for this coverage is both Medicare Part A and B. Moreover, you also need to be a resident in the plans service area to be allowed to join. However, this medical plans does not cover everyone with the two parts discussed earlier. Anyone suffering from renal complication is locked out from the Advantage program.

How much do these plans cost?

Besides the part B premium, you are expected to pay an additional monthly premium for Medicare Advantage plans. However, the amounts paid for the Advantage plan are not the same as each plan has different costs of services. Therefore, you should make an effort of understanding the costs and the associated benefits in your area before joining.


Since Medicare Advantage plans vary considerably, what do they cover? Ideally, Medicare Advantage plans cover everything that Original Medicare covers beside hospice care. With an Advantage plan, you are covered for all health related emergency services. When it comes to an emergency, you are covered in all areas provided you are in the US.
Medicare Advantage PlansMoreover, Medicare Advantage plans can also be used for eyeglasses, dental checkups, along with other wellness programs. Most Medicare Advantage plans allow for prescription drug coverage. However, you are also expected to pay an additional premium besides what you pay for Plan B to enjoy these benefits. Without paying this, you cannot benefit from the plan’s drug coverage part.

Most people with Medicare get their coverage from the Original Medicare. However, it can nice if you widened your cover by subscribing to the Medicare Advantage Plan. Ideally, Medicare Advantage plans are more or less private health plans. As a tip, you also need to know that plan benefits are subject to change. As such, always make sure you know what is covered before joining.