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Basic Weight Loss Tips 

weight scale Are you struggling to keep those unhealthy weight gains behind you? This article seeks to shed practical tips recommended by dietitians at However, the tips shared in this article are picked from key recommendations given to patients who have embarked on the weight loss journey. That said, here are some top tips that will help you achieve what you have always wanted as far as losing weight is concerned.

Have a Goal

It would help if you always had a picture of what you want to achieve before you get started. This means that you should have an idea of how much weight you want to shed, how long you would want to take, and, most importantly, have a list of lifestyle changes that will see you achieve your goals. It is worth noting that weight loss is not just about having a goal, but it is a product of positive lifestyle changes.

Be Accountable

It will help if you remain accountable to yourself. The best way to go about this is to keep a food and activity journal. Calculate your calorie uptake every day. While most people are often inspired to do this, they rarely last a few days. But if you are serious about losing unhealthy weight, you have to be committed and track your intake as long as it takes.  

Do Not Let Cravings Deter You

A large part of losing weight requires that you make dietary adjustments. And sticking to a diet means that you have to stay away from the foods that you like or struggle with hunger. As such, see to it that cravings for food do not stand between you and your weight loss goals.junk foods

Focus on Healthy Changes

It is easy to get discouraged when it comes to losing weight. For starters, you should always focus on making positive changes and not the numbers on the scale. This means that you should only focus on watching portions and exercising regularly. Instead of having a goal such as to lose one pound every week, have a goal such as eat veggies only at dinner.

Losing weight is a result and not a goal. As such, the key to shedding excess weight is to focus on the actions that you take. While it is not always easy, it is possible. And the desire to achieve has to come from you. Otherwise, you stand no chance.

Christmas Weight Management Tips

Christmas Weight Management Tips

The festive seasons comes with lots of surprises. For anyone trying to shed some weight, it can be one of the most trying times to stay focused. The all the mince pies, pizzas, chocolate and of course some beer, it can be hard for anyone to stay true to their weight loss agenda. If you do not want to start the new year with more pounds, you can always have a real time in a way that will not be detrimental to your health.

Weight management during the festive season

Have something before the party

Before going to any party, it is advisable toChristmas Weight Management Tips have something. You know what can happen if you went for a party with hunger biting. The idea is to avoid hunger to sabotage your weight resolution. When half full, you will only eat a huge portion. You also need to eat foods you enjoy and not anything that comes your way.

Plate up

If you are eating a buffet, it is advisable to have everything you want on the plant. Once you have what you need, you should avoid going back for another round as it could just mean more calories into your body. By plating up, you will know how much you have eaten. This will take cares of the guilt that always comes after one has overeaten.

Balance your portion sizes

Balancing meals is like eating strategically. If you are trying to cut some weight, it is not wise to always fill your plate. Instead, you should adopt a strategy in the way you eat. The idea is to have little amounts before the main dish. For instance, if you are going for a dinner, you should prepare for it by having a lighter lunch. This way, you will be balancing your meal instead of eating heavily.

Don’t be overly critical on yourself

Christmas Weight Management TipsThings are bound to go wrong at some point. As such, you should be over critical about yourself when you eat a lot. This is quite important since it might only lead to emotional eating, which has the effect of making thing worse.

When Christmas is around the corner, you need to find some motivation that will help you stay true to your weight loss agenda.