Amazing Facts About Ostarine

GTx INC is the company that developed Ostarine. The drug, also known as MK-2866 is a class of selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). Currently, the FDA has not approved it for use. Research is still going on to establish Ostarine’s ability in dystrophy, muscle wasting, and prevention of muscle loss. Despite all this, clinical trials show that Ostarine is useful in performing the above functions. The rate at which this substance is gaining popularity is alarming.

Ostarine vs Anabolic Steroids

The two are similar in that they are all considered illegal products, and they are used to get rid of body fats while gaining muscle mass. Ostarine targets androgen receptors; therefore, affect testosterone. Both products have side effects, although anabolic steroids have severe effects since they attack the liver, and also cause infertility. On the contrary, Ostarine has temporary side effects where it suppresses testosterone hormone. The side effect caused by MK-2866 is reversible, hence making the effects temporary.

Medical Purposes

If you take 3mg of Ostarine daily for 12 weeks, the drug will boost your strength and raise your muscle mass without any adverse side effects. This SARM can reduce cholesterol available in the body, which makes it ideal for controlling heart disease and diabetes. In the event of reducing fats, it increases muscle mass. Therefore, the size will not decrease during the cutting. Bodybuilders use Ostarine as a supplement to help in reducing muscle stress and pain. The drug speeds up the rate of healing, especially when a bone is fractured.


The maximum daily dosage of Ostarine should not exceed 25mg. You should make sure the dosage goes hand in hand with a proper diet and regular well-planned workout for you to get the best results. Overdose of this supplement will lead to hormonal imbalances, which gives room to experiencing the side effects. With a maintained proper dosage, in 12 weeks, people gain an average of 7 lbs with a corresponding fat loss.

Side Effects

When you take an overdose of Ostarine, it suppresses testosterone production. The side effect is temporary and can stop in two weeks after you stop using the drug. MK-2866 can also cause headaches in the early weeks of usage. This can be controlled by reducing the dosage to a certain amount that causes no headache when using the drug.

Ostarine is very powerful, with several medical benefits that can help improve the health of human beings. Just like other substances, this supplement has side effects when abused. Even though the side effects are substantially low and reversible, it is advised to stick to the recommended dose.