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How To Handle Post Natal Challenges With Ease

Pregnancy is the first journey to motherhood. Some may experience a good pregnancy, and some may not. But these challenges do not end after giving birth. Postnatal care is another chapter that women have to go through. Women’s body went through so many changes during pregnancy, and may also experience some difficulties after giving birth.

Here are some tips to overcome postnatal challenges:

Fed is Best

After giving birth, new mothers need to make sure that their child is well-fed by breastfeeding their newborns. Most mothers will be pressured to breastfeed their babies as much as they could, but not everyone is blessed with milk to produce. Do not hesitate to ask your pediatrician what milk you can give to your baby. Always remember that a healthy momma is a happy baby.

Get Back To Your Body Shape By Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a natural phenomenon that new mothers do to nurture their children. Not only that, they are creating that special bond to their child when they feed, breastfeeding helps with the contraction of the uterus to get it back to its size after giving birth. Women who breastfeed her child lose up to 300 calories per day. Take it slow and let your body recuperate.
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Get All The Help You Can Get

Once you give birth, you needed someone who can help you move around and take care of your baby as you recuperate. Ask your husband to take turns in taking care of the baby to give yourself an extra hour of sleep. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Always remember that giving birth is not easy, and you needed time to rest for faster recovery.
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Dealing with Baby Blues

It is natural for a new mom to feel sad. It must be the hormones talking. Just cry and let your feelings out. Accept that you have a limit that you can not do everything right away as your body is also recuperating from the whole pregnancy fiasco. Acknowledge the feelings and try to be as positive as possible. If you think you needed a company, don’t hesitate to talk to your husband or call your friends. If you feel that you are not yet ready to face them, let them know you are not prepared to socialize as of the moment. Talk to someone you trust and let your feelings out to avoid postpartum depression.

Be Ready For Hair Fall

After giving birth, most women go through this phase of excessive hair fall. There are many factors for hair falls; lack of sleep, lack of vitamins and nutrients, and stress. To get through this as soon as possible, get some sleep, take vitamins, and eat healthy foods. Lastly, if you can get a hair cut, to remove brittle hair, and give a little bit of makeover to make you feel better, then do so. Always remember, at this point in their life, your baby needs you more than ever, so take care of yourself.