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Exercises Aimed At Making Your Fit For Kayaking

Kayaking can be practiced in many ways. It can be a leisure sport, an exciting career sport or for fishing. In each of these activities, the peddler is expected to be in the right shape to perform, not forgetting the right kayaking gear. Besides, investing in a fishing kayak, kayakers should also workout to ensure they remove fit at all times. That said, here are some workout routines that would see kayakers attain the right shape to match the demands of kayaking.

Higher physique workouts

The most important part of kayaking is paddling. To do  Kayakingthis successfully, it is essential to strengthen the upper body parts. Among the best workout to strengthen your upper body muscles is pulling dumbbells. This way, you can develop your arm muscle mass and better your kayaking experience as well. The burden of working out using dumbbells rest on the objectives of the person. More workouts would go a long way in improving your endurance on the waters.

Shoulder workouts

Kayaking offers one of the best ways to develop the physique of a kayaker. As such, to strengthen your shoulders and arms, it is recommended to hit the waters and paddle for long hours. Alternatively, you do not need to hit the waters to work out your shoulders or arms; you might even consider dry paddling.


Squats are one of the best kayaking workouts, which are of particular importance in improving calf muscles. Well, these types of exercises can be done differently. Ideally, the best approach is to stand straight on your toes, slowly sit down without leaning ahead. That said, you should also consider other variations for these workouts aimed at strengthening your quadriceps and hamstring.

Stomach crunches

Crunches are great workouts aimed at improving the stomach muscle mass. This way, you can burn the pointless belly fats and achieve the much-needed physique needed for kayaking. Stomach crunches also help you strengthen your abs and other core muscles.


BikingKayaking is one of those activities that demand active participation and stamina from the kayaker. As such, extended cycling sessions would go a long way in improving the endurance of the kayaker. Not just biking, outdoor cycling is especially highly recommended for any kayaker.

These are just a few workout options would see a modern day kayaker rise to the occasion. They are not for competition purposes; they also go a long way in improving their health and overall body fitness.